tsouros site2Is a family business. Goldsmiths Pericles and Leonidas Tsouros are the designers of the collection which has contemporary, steampunk and Sci-Fi influences.

Pericles and Leonidas since they were kids had a special affection for different or imaginary creatures!

Robots, rockets, planets, time-machines, but also flowers, butterflies, snails, sea-monsters get the form of alternative and unique handmade silver jewels!



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About Us

logo tsourosx75Brothers Pericles and Leonidas Tsouros have been creating gold and silver jewelry since 1997. Their new collections Steampunk and Shadow. Steampunk Jewellery Creations in 925 silver and authentic parts of old watches is characterized by bold imagination and pioneering application. Shadow jewellery collection in 585 gold with black platinum surface and yellow gold with incomparable quality.

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Add: Agelastou 12 & Vlatarias 7
City: GR - 82100 Chios

Call: +30 22710 27512
Fax:  +30 22710 93413

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